Frequently Requested Mortgage Documents

Change Your Direct Debit Details

If you have changed your bank account and need to change where your mortgage repayments are debited from download and complete the Direct Debit Request form. Once you have filled and signed the form, return with a copy of a statement from the new account that has been nominated.

Download the Direct Debit Request form

Request Online Access To Your Home Loan Account

To have your Loan Access / Internet Access System account activated simply complete the form below and return the signed copy either by fax or email.

You will be sent your Personal Identification Number (PIN) shortly after settlement of your loan, together with further information as to the use of the Loan Access Line/Internet Access System. You may obtain access to your account at our website Simply input your nine digit account number and PIN that will be provided to you.  

Download the Loan Access / Internet Access System form

Multi Purpose Form

You will need to complete the Multi Purpose form if you require any of the following items:

  • Change of Frequency for a Direct Debit
  • Request Additional/Fixed Total Repayment Amount
  • Change to Inward Direct Credit
  • Request an Internal Portion Transfer
  • Request a Redraw
  • Loan Access System Password Letter
  • Request Change of Postal Address
  • Request Original Home Loan Statement Be Posted

Download the Multi Purpose Form

Multi Purpose Variations

The Multi Purpose Variations Form is used for the following requests:

  • Enable Dynamic Repayments
  • Change Interest Only to Principal & Interest
  • Change to Interest Only
  • Fixed Rate (Full Loan)
  • Fixed Rate (Part Loan)
  • Portion Realignment
  • Split Loan
  • Limit Reduction

Download the Multi Purpose Variations Form

Contact Us With Any Questions

If you are unsure which form to use or if you have any questions you can request a call back or contact us on 02 4226 5555.