DIY Kitchen Bench Renovation For Only $250

kitchen bench faux granite

Do you have a kitchen in need of a facelift but don’t have the budget to do a complete refit? Perhaps you are looking to renovate your investment property and don’t want to overcapitalise? If you have a kitchen featuring benches with bright or busy colours it can really date … Read More

Australian National Property Report – May 2012

Australian Property Report - May

NSW: Poor Performance May Be Ending A long period of poor performance might be coming to an end in NSW, but supply issues remain unresolved. The Sydney property market is due to pick up, thanks to a lengthy slow period and improved affordability, according to ANZ head of property research … Read More

Buy at the bottom Part 1: Best deals under $300k

Find the best property deals

Are you ready to shop for bargains but not sure how to tell the difference between ‘bottomed out’ and ‘down and out’? We dig deep into the numbers and identify suburbs to watch across the country where strong fundamentals point to strong returns. The lower band in our scan of … Read More

Unleash The Power Of Equity

unlocking the door

Equity is your biggest weapon in building your property empire quickly and safely. We reveal how it works and how to use it to maximise your profits. Many people overlook the concept of equity when it comes to property finance. Equity is the net realisable value of a property – … Read More

National Property Report – March

Australian Property Report - May

NSW – Hunter Valley Rising Sydney shows signs of recovery, but confidence spikes in Hunter Valley drive the region to outshine the rest of the state as resource spending points to strong growth. Analysts saw some signs of life in the Sydney property market over the last quarter of 2011 … Read More

5 Ways To Boost Your Borrowing Super Powers

boost your borrowing super powers

1. Sort out your credit cards If possible, pay out and get rid of most of your credit cards. Reduce your limits to the minimum that you need in order to minimise the negative effect credit cards can have on your borrowing power. You should also seek to get rid … Read More

NSW Property Report – Affordability Remains an Issue

House Squeezed In Vice

Despite Sydney’s robust markets over recent months, affordability remains an issue. In many ways Sydney has been solid on all fronts. Demand is recovering, prices were inching up towards the end of last year and the economy remains sound. This doesn’t mean something isn’t missing. The last piece of this … Read More

SA Property Report: Going For Gold

south australia property going for gold

Approval of the Olympic Dam mine expansion breathes new life into a stalling market The recent announcement that the Olympic Dam expansion is finally moving ahead gave the South Australian property markets a much needed boost in confidence amid a weakening market. During the three months ending September, median house … Read More

QLD Property Report: Affordability to Lure Buyers

Home offerred for sale - bargain prices in QLD property

The recent drop in values is making Brisbane properties attractive once again. The weakness in Brisbane’s median house values extended in the September quarter with Residex recording a 0.64% drop to $438,500. Over the past 12 months, median house values fell by 4.05%. The latest reading from RP Data confirms … Read More

NSW Property Report: Sydney Succumbs To Poor Sentiment

sydney property prices fall

After staging solid gains over the past few months, Sydney sees a reversal of its good fortune. Sydney’s been one of the most robust markets in Australia over recent months – but it looks like it’s finally yielding to the weight of poor sentiment and global economic uncertainties. According to … Read More

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