Buy at the bottom Part 1: Best deals under $300k

Find the best property deals

Are you ready to shop for bargains but not sure how to tell the difference between ‘bottomed out’ and ‘down and out’? We dig deep into the numbers and identify suburbs to watch across the country where strong fundamentals point to strong returns. The lower band in our scan of … Read More

NSW Property Report: Sydney Succumbs To Poor Sentiment

sydney property prices fall

After staging solid gains over the past few months, Sydney sees a reversal of its good fortune. Sydney’s been one of the most robust markets in Australia over recent months – but it looks like it’s finally yielding to the weight of poor sentiment and global economic uncertainties. According to … Read More

QLD Property Report: Investor Confidence Improving

property investor confidence increasing in queensland

Investors are returning to the Queensland property market, but the big gains are still a year or two away. Has the tide started to turn in Queensland? According to the latest lending finance figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it appears that investors certainly think so, says Real Estate … Read More

Australia’s hottest suburbs under $500,000

Find the hottest australian suburbs under $500k for property investment

With affordability levels rapidly deteriorating across the country, we have found areas where you can buy cheap properties with high growth potential. Today’s market conditions offer up an excellent opportunity to add an affordable investment to your portfolio. We explore how, why and where to look for your next affordable … Read More

NSW Property Report: Sydney Holds Up Despite Wobbles

Sydney wobbly but holding strong in property market

NSW’s chief market withstands global volatility – but for how long? Sydney has been seen as the most robust market in Australia over recent months, partly due to its longstanding housing shortage. Indeed, the overall figures look good in comparison with other capitals. According to RP Data’s June figures, Sydney … Read More

SA Property Report: Economy’s Strong But Buyers In Short Supply

houses for sale with no buyers

South Australia’s economy remains amongst the strongest in the country, but buyers are in short supply. If Adelaide’s economic performance is anything to go by, then there’s no reason for its property investors to break a sweat. In fact, according to the recently published CommSec State of the States report, … Read More

VIC Property Report: Melbourne Is Showing Resilience

melbourne housing resilience

Melbourne is showing resilience. Values show surprise robustness, not expected slide. Property experts have been tipping Melbourne for a correction since it became clear that the rocketing growth rates that characterised the market between 2007 and early 2010 were slowing. Analysts have highlighted a number of reasons why Melbourne’s best … Read More

QLD Property Report: a growing mood of optimism

A growing need mood of optimism

As the rebuilding effort ramps up in Brisbane, the Queensland Building Boost has now been opened up to all Australians. There’s a growing mood of optimism in Brisbane and south-east Queensland, with the state capital’s reconstruction effort and predictions of economic growth bolstering the lucky country’s most unlucky of property … Read More

Property Report WA – Perth: Don’t miss the boat

Property Report WA - Perth: Don't miss the boat

There are signs that the long-awaiting second mining boom is starting to make its mark in Perth. There’s been plenty of speculation in Perth property investment circles as to when the wealth from the state’s second mining boom will finally start to trickle down to the state capital’s property market, … Read More

Property Report SA – Is Adelaide the next big thing?

rising house

With South Australia’s resource projects beginning to ramp up, could Adelaide lead the charge for Australia’s property comeback? Adelaide is certainly one to keep an eye on, says APM senior economist Andrew Wilson. One of the main factors that it’s got going for it is its slew of mining projects … Read More

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