Top 10 tips for preparing to sell a home

As you know we all love lists here and nothing beats a good check-list prior to selling your own (or investment) home. We’ve scoured the web, asked our clients and these are the Top 10 tips for preparing to sell a home:

  • Repaint the walls neutral colours. As much as you love your DIY renovation, it could turn off a good portion of your buyers. So repaint your rooms in neutral tones: as colour can be distracting. This allows buyers to focus on the spaces themselves, not the colour of the walls.
  • Light! Light! Light! Open up all the windows to let in the natural light. If the space has low light add floor or table lamps to those areas. Perspective buyers love an inviting, bright, and cheery room. It also makes the rooms look bigger.
  • Organize your storage space. Storage space is a huge selling point, and if your closets are stuffed to the brim, buyers will think you don’t have enough of it. IKEA have excellent storage solutions or if you have a storage unit pack your opposite seasonal wardrobe away to make the areas look more stream-line.
  • Make something yummy before an open house. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread; a “homey” smell like baking cookies or bread can help people connect with a kitchen. Not a baker? Fake it with a scented candle.
  • Sort out your curb appeal. Clean up the front of your house, yes that may mean a trip to the tip but it’ll be worth it. Trim those bushes and if you have any budget get some good quality mulch in the garden beds.
  • Buy a new welcome mat. Let buyers know they’re invited into your home.
  • Hose it down. Use a high-pressure hose on your home, really giving it a good fresh spray. It’s amazing how fresh and clean it could look, once you’ve actually done it. Do this once and you’ll be able to easily spot any areas that may need attention.
  • Staging. Position your furniture in a way that can help make the rooms appear larger if you can. It just may shorten the time your home is on the market and it may even get you your asking price! If the property is vacant, hire a home staging professional. The right furniture can turn an older home into a gorgeous, modern house.
  • Fix the small things, that leaky tap, that missing smoke alarm, do it now. It’ll make the world of difference at an open house, buyers look for the little things, don’t give them any cause for concern.
  • Clean carpets or wash curtains to remove any lingering odours and to breathe new life into tired furnishings.
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