Illawarra Home Loans’ Community Support Program was established in 2002 with the aim of providing a leadership role in corporate social responsibility. Each year, a portion of the our annual profit is allocated to the program for the purpose of benefiting the communities of which Illawarra Home Loans is a part.

In addition to providing cash grants to a diverse range of community organisations, the program seeks to address long-term needs through strategic alliances that enables us to contribute time and management expertise as well as funds.

The programs funding criteria are flexible and open. If you would like to make a submission, please read more about the application process. Each application is assessed on its individual merit and we welcome applications for funding from a diverse range of community-based initiatives that are working in innovative ways to provide long-term benefits.

About The Program

Submission of proposals for the Illawarra Home Loans Community Support Program is open to charity and community based organisations in Australia. The program requires such groups to prepare a funding proposal for a particular asset they require, and submitting the proposal to Illawarra Home Loans for review.

The closing date for submissions to the program is the 1st of June each year. All proposals received are then evaluated by the Illawarra Home Loans executive board, and sucessful bids are advised by the 30th of June that year.

All proposals should contain:

  • Details and background of the organisation or group putting the proposal forward
  • Contact details of an authorised representitive within the group or organisation
  • Specific details of the equipment for which funding is sought

It is prefered that all submissions are received by email where possible.

How To Register

In order to register your interest in applying for a grant from the Illawarra Home Loans Community Support Program, we ask that you complete the following form. When dealing with your personal information we are governed our organisational privacy policy, details of which are available here.

Community Support Program Registration