Are you paying too much for your business finance or home mortgage?

paying tto much

In Australia we have a competitive finance industry and have a rich variety of finance deals available from many different lenders.

Are you confident that you have found the best loan deal on the market? You could well be paying more than you need to for your business or home loan.

Many Australian homes and business are paying more interest than they need to because they are not prepared to re-finance.

Some reasons why some people are not prepared to re-finance include a misplaced loyalty to their current bank, the idea that it will take a lot of effort to switch lenders and the fear of talking about their finances.

With so many  lenders in the industry and different loan offerings on the market it is hard to be sure that  you are getting the best deal available that fits your requirements.

A finance broker such as PCL Money and Illawarra Home Loans are not locked in with any one financial institution and are able to source the best loans deals available.

PCL Money and Illawarra Home Loans negotiate with a range of lending institutions and are able to offer their clients the best loan deals on the market for their needs.

This can save you a huge amount of time trying to talk to lending institutions detailing your situation and arranging to get quotes.

PCL Money and Illawarra Home Loans have recently expanded their panel of lenders so they can offer their clients the best possible choice of business and personal loan options available.

Whether you are seeking to re-finance your existing borrowings for a better interest rate and conditions, or seeking a new loan, call PCL Money and Illawarra Home Loans on 02 4226 9977 or visit our website.


Please note that the above is general financial information only and is not intended as personal financial advice for which you should contact a licensed financial professional.

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