Real life ‘Mum and Dad’ customers we can help


This is Tim and Jess, real life parents who want to consolidate their debts. Tim and Jess have two kids and there’s another on the way. They have multiple debts on top of their monthly mortgage, so things are tight. They want to secure some cash out to reduce a … Read More

The terms and conditions of a loan may be just as important to certain borrowers as the interest rate.


When looking for home loan that offers the best interest rate, many people will enlist the services of a mortgage broker. However, obtaining a loan with a better interest rate is only one side of the story. The terms and conditions that go with the loan can also be very … Read More

More people are turning to finance brokers in the wake of the royal commission.


The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has just concluded its hearings. One result of the Royal Commission has been that the reputation of some major banks and their brands have been severely tarnished in the eyes of the public. Evidence showing misleading conduct and … Read More

Real life ‘Mum and Dad’ customers we can help


This is Derek, a real life solo dad who achieved his goal with an alternative lending solution. Derek, father of two, was recently separated. It was an emotional time and he missed two mortgage repayments as finances took a bit of a back seat. When he got back on track … Read More

What does the term ‘exit strategy’ mean in the finance industry?


We often hear about young home buyers having difficulty getting finance to buy their first home and get into the housing market. But what about older people who are trying to get a home loan? Approximately 15% of people in Australia are aged 65 and older, according to the Bureau … Read More

Real life self-employed customers we can help


This is Dave, a real life borrower who achieved his goal with an alternative home loan solution. Having worked hard to get his business humming, Dave was now in a position to buy his own place. But he hadn’t finalised his tax returns with his accountant so his bank said … Read More

Real life self-employed customers we can help


This is Elsa, a real life borrower who achieved her goal with an alternative home loan solution. Elsa had worked really hard to get her personal training business up and running. Things were going well and she was feeling ready to buy her own place. But because she’d only been … Read More

Are you paying too much for your business finance or home mortgage?

paying tto much

In Australia we have a competitive finance industry and have a rich variety of finance deals available from many different lenders. Are you confident that you have found the best loan deal on the market? You could well be paying more than you need to for your business or home … Read More

The Reserve Bank has kept its hold of interest rates at 1.5 per cent


The RBA has decided to keep interest rates at record low for the 25th consecutive month. It stated that it is not concerned by rising home loan rates. “Some lenders have increased mortgage rates by small amounts, although the average mortgage rate paid is lower than a year ago” The … Read More

What are the advantages of using a Mortgage Broker?


It can be an difficult process trying to find a loan with a competitive rate and conditions that best suit your needs. With so many  lenders in the industry and different loan offerings it is hard to be sure that  you are getting the best deal available that fits your … Read More

Mortgage Brokers increase competition and choice, driving lower interest rates


A Deloitte Access Economics report released 24 July, 2018 has found that mortgage brokers drive more competitive mortgage pricing, provide valuable services and greater choice for consumers. The average mortgage broker has access to 34 different home loan lenders, and of these they use an average of 10 lenders to … Read More

Research reveals high satisfaction with mortgage brokers


New independent research has revealed most people who have sourced mortgages through brokers are satisfied with almost every aspect of the transaction. The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) commissioned the research project through finance industry researchers MyNextAdvice to gauge the level of satisfaction with clients who had settled on … Read More

Should you use a bank or a finance broker?


The banking royal commission has drawn attention to some serious problems between the banks and their customers. Evidence to the Royal Commission has shown patterns of illegal behaviour by financial institutions. Last month the corporate regulator ASIC revealed banks and others in the financial services sector would have to refund … Read More

Should you get a variable or fixed rate home loan?


When you take out a home loan, you normally choose between a fixed interest rate or variable interest rate. With a fixed interest rate home loan your interest rate is locked in for a certain period. For example it could be over 5 years. This means that your loan repayments will remain the same over the 5 year term. … Read More

Westpac has just announced that it will increase its variable mortgage rates.


It is the first of the big four banks to raise interest rates for all its variable home loans this year, although many smaller banks had already moved to higher rates to ‘offset higher costs’. Scott Morrison the new prime minister says  people who are unhappy with their bank’s decision … Read More

16 tips for property success


 Ask successful people what they’d wished they’d been told when they were younger. That’s exactly what I did with these successful property professionals and here’s what they said. Kate Forbes – National Director Metropole Property Strategists Invest in yourself first Your best investment by far will always be in yourself … Read More



The Illawarra Mercury , 8/3/2018, reports that the South Coast housing market has defied Sydney’s falling trend in housing values. It quotes new data from Domain’s June Quarter 2018 House Price Report which indicates that house and unit prices on the South Coast are continuing to rise, despite predictions the … Read More

The Value of Mortgage Broking


  The Value of Mortgage Broking, a report by Deloitte Access Economics has just been released. This report demonstrates the value that our industry brings to consumers, lenders and the Australian economy, by driving competition and delivering greater choice and valuable services to the Australians who need them most. The … Read More

Can I make up for bad credit with a high income and down payment?

What’s more important for a mortgage? Income or credit score? It’s not uncommon to find a mortgage applicant with great income, but not a high credit score. Do applicants with high income and large down payments still need bad credit home loans? Mortgage underwriting is completed mainly by software The software evaluates … Read More

Many people are considering their options in view of the Banking Royal Commission


There have been some alarming revelations about the behaviour of Australia’s Banks coming out of the Banking Royal Commission. It has shattered the myth that the big banks always put their customers first. Time and again evidence has been put forward that shows that the lending practices of some of … Read More

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