Low Rise Medium Density Design Guide


These are Tools for improving the design of low rise medium density residential development as complying development. A key component to addressing housing affordability and supply is delivering more housing diversity. The low rise Medium Density Housing Code and the Low Rise Medium Density Design Guide address a lack of … Read More



1. Know why you’re investing in property Get clear about your reasons for choosing to invest in property instead of other asset classes such as shares. Most investors know why they want to invest in property but some do it for the wrong reasons, such as trying to keep up … Read More

Key changes to pricing and offers in the last month in Australian consumer banking


Click here to see a summary of the key changes to pricing and offers in the last month in Australian consumer banking: http://pclmoney.com.au/bnk/bnk_feb.pdf Note that the deposit rates on offer continuing their downward trend Key changes: ANZ’s​ Progress Saver has had its ongoing bonus rate reduced by 10bp to 1.71%. Bankwest​ … Read More

Many people are unable to obtain a loan as a result of credit tightening policies implemented by lenders.

Real estate concept

One Sydney-based Business Development Manager and former mortgage broker Hank Hong, says that one in three clients are unable to obtain a loan as a result of credit tightening policies implemented by lenders. “It’s [credit tightening] affected servicing and how much you can actually lend based on incomes,” Mr Hong … Read More

New legislation provides tax cut for first home buyers


The federal government has successfully passed legislation that will allow first home buyers to access their tax-exempt voluntary superannuation contributions when saving for a deposit. On Thursday (7 December), the federal parliament passed elements of the Turnbull government’s housing affordability plan, which was first announced in the budget. This plan … Read More

Monthly housing market update

National Update Brisbane, QLD Sydney, NSW Perth, WA Melbourne, VIC Adelaide, SA

Non-Capital City Housing Markers A Real Mixed Bag


Earlier this month CoreLogic released their October 2017 home value index results, in this week’s Pulse we focus on what these results look like across the regional housing markets. According to the CoreLogic home value index results for October 2017, dwelling values across the combined regional housing markets of the … Read More

Insights From the 2016 Census For Builders and Developers


Australia is changing. Data from the 2016 Census has been released – we provide insights to help you better target today’s market. Just as our appetite for V8-powered cars is shifting towards smaller, more economical cars, what Australians are looking for in other areas is changing too . The 2016 … Read More

First impressions: creating an inviting house entrance


The front door: the gateway to your abode. It’s the place your visitors will get the most time to assess you while they wait for you to let them in. Of course, no one’s suggesting you need an OTT door like the one in King Kong (1933), but it could give … Read More

To Rise or Not To Rise? The Interest Rate Question.


It’s an interesting time to be the Governor of the Bank of England, especially as there is now a real decision to make as to whether to increase interest rates from their historical low of 0.25% or not, especially as the latest UK inflation figures came in as expected at … Read More

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