The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate


Investing in real estate in has generally always been a profitable business decision. Many of the world’s richest persons accumulated their wealth through real estate.

With Illawarra Home Loan finance you can start to build a solid property asset with a relatively small amount. Come and see us – we are the home loan experts and you’ll find that with easy approvals and historically low interest rates so that buying a property has never been easier or a more attractive investment option.

Investing in real estate offers you the following benefits:

Good prospects for Capital growth

Investing in real estate not only earns you income from the collection of rent but also allows your invested capital to grow because the value of your property normally increases as time goes by. This means that if you decide to sell your property some years later after purchasing it, you are likely to earn a decent profit because your initial investment will have multiplied several times.

Real estate is an Inflation Hedge

In most cases, money tends to devalue as time goes by. On the other hand, the value of real estate continues to steadily rise over time. Investing in real estate can be an ideal way to protect your money against inflation and you can expect its value in real terms to steadily grow in the future.

A Solid Physical Asset

Investing in a tangible asset such as real estate gives many investors peace of mind. This is because physical assets tend to maintain their value more than equities or the stock market which can seem to be unstable because prices keep on rising and falling. With equities there is very little that you can do to improve their value as compared to property, which you can do almost everything to raise its value.


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