What are the advantages of using a Mortgage Broker?


It can be an difficult process trying to find a loan with a competitive rate and conditions that best suit your needs.

With so many  lenders in the industry and different loan offerings it is hard to be sure that  you are getting the best deal available that fits your requirements.

More and more people are beginning to realise that going straight their current bank and signing up with whatever the bank offers them is probably not the best idea.

There are good reasons why an increasing number of people are using mortgage brokers. You do not have to pay any extra or hidden commissions and a mortgage broker usually offers a more competitive rate.

A mortgage broker such as Illawarra Home Loans offers a more personalised experience and PCL has built its business reputation over the last 30 years on providing customer service.

At Illawarra Home Loans your needs are their most important consideration.

Illawarra Home Loans negotiates with a range of lending institutions and because IHL is not locked in with any one lending institution it is able to offer their clients the best loan deals on the market for their needs.

Illawarra Home Loans has recently expanded their panel of lenders so they can offer their clients the best possible choice of loan options available.

This can save you a huge amount of time trying to talk to lending institutions detailing your situation and arranging to get quotes.

Another factor is that if you apply for a loan and are turned down, it may adversely  affect your credit history which can be detrimental to any future mortgage applications that you make.

Illawarra Home Loans has the experience and expertise to evaluate your loan application before approaching any lending institutions and can match you with a lender that is more likely to approve your application.

Some clients may have non-standard loan requirements such as specific payment terms or the need to mortgage niche products.

Unlike many banks, Illawarra Home Loans has the flexibility in these situations to be able to offer you a solution that can suit your needs.

Contact Illawarra Home Loans on  02 4226 5555   Since 1987 they have established a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted mortgage brokers.



Please note that the above is general financial information only and is not intended as personal financial advice for which you should contact a licensed financial professional.


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