Many people are considering their options in view of the Banking Royal Commission


There have been some alarming revelations about the behaviour of Australia’s Banks coming out of the Banking Royal Commission. It has shattered the myth that the big banks always put their customers first.

Time and again evidence has been put forward that shows that the lending practices of some of the banks have frankly betrayed their customers’ trust. Bad advice, uncompetitive rates, hidden fees and onerous loan requirements as well as charging customers for things that they did not receive.

Many people are feeling let down because they trusted that their Bank would provide them with competitive interest rates and good service. Yet the Banking Royal Commission has clearly shown that the Banks have not been faithful to their customers.

However there is something that you can do – change your loan provider. There are some very competitive finance products out there and it is a great time to explore your options.

We are one of Australia’s longest established Finance brokers and source the most competitive loans from a variety of lenders so we are not locked in with any one institution.

Contact us today to discuss your options. You may be paying more than you need to and not getting the customer service that you deserve.

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